Exporting a Playlist No Longer Allowed?

The April 2020 version of Shotcut (shotcut-win64-200401.exe) used to allow the importing of multiple *.mlt files into a playlist and then selecting ‘each playlist item’ before clicking ‘Export File’. All the MLT files will then export in a batch. Newer versions of Shotcut don’t seem to allow this anymore. The ‘Export File’ button either turns to ‘Capture’ (the button then does not even respond) or the program just crashes and closes suddenly. Is there a new way to export multiple MLT files in a batch? Thanks.

It still works; I just tested. The Capture button means whatever is in the Source player is live or non-seekable.

This is not exactly what this feature was intended for, and it is not recommended. It was intended mostly for use with A/V files in the playlist. This may only work correctly if all MLT XML files use the same Video Mode, and Shotcut is currently using that Video Mode (not Automatic unless all your projects are 1920x1080p25 16:9). In any case, I just tested it, and it still works as long as you open something in the Source player. That could be the first playlist item or something from Open Other. I also tested in v20.04, and it works the same way.

Okay, that works. Thanks for the clarification.

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