Exporting 20 second .MOV to 540 x 960 MP4 takes 80 minutes!

I have a brand-new Dell XPS15 laptop on which I am trying to use ShotCut to edit an Iphone MOV video and then export it to MP4 suitable for a blog post. The video is 20 seconds long, but when I try to export (encode) it to a .MP4 file with 540 x 960 (all I need) resolution, it takes FOREVER - the estimate is 1:20 (yep - 80 minutes!). After about 10 minutes, the progress bar shows only 13%!

Also, the fan on my XPS15 is running continuously, and the CPU utilization is up to 45%. How can this be? On my old Dell Precision M6700 laptop running Win 7 using Windows Movie Maker, this same process with the same video only took about 30 seconds.


What version of Shotcut are you using?

There seems to be a bit of different configurations with the Dell XPS15, as the XPS15 is just a model brand description. If it is a new computer, specifically if it’s from a manufacturer such as Dell, you have tons of bloatware installed on your computer, and possibly at least one firewall preinstalled. Windows 10 now will update and install at anytime when you’re using your computer. Once Windows 10 starts downloading/updating, you can’t stop the process.

In Shotcut, what’s your version number? (as DRM asked)
Video Mode?
It’s good the fan is on as it will cool your CPU. Video editing is very CPU intensive.

Not quite sure how this is a bug.
You didn’t list any steps on how to reproduce the issue.

Do you use the 32 or 64-Bit version? If you use the 32-Bit version, try to use the 64-Bit version…

That is 1 minutes and 20 seconds.

That is normal. It takes computing power to encode.This is not typing a document or browsing the web, which are typically require very little computational power.

The export job sounds like it might be stuck.

The 32-bit version is throttled to use less threads and thus less memory. The 64-bit version will be faster.

I use the 64bit and happens the same: it’s slow as f*** exporting.

It’s like if Qmelt only uses 4GB of RAM so it’s working as a 32bit binary… but my system is 64 bit and the version of shotcut and qmelt binary are also 64. How can I solve this?

Do not just say “me too;” provide evidence: numbers and information. Video encoding on the CPU is inherently slow, so your claims are likely to go unanswered because we just think “that is normal.” You can also try using GPU encoding if you have AMD (choose h264_amf video codec) or NVIDIA (choose h264_nvenc video codec).

Shotcut is slow, unfortunately. But it does have a lot of very nice editing features. For simple stuff, try Avidemux. It’s a lot faster. And you have full direct control over output file size (you set the size in MB).

Closing because only the original post alludes to an actual bug, but he never reported back. The others are general comments on slowness of CPU encoding in general, which is not a bug.