Exported Videos Freeze and Glitch

Inside Shotcut it’s perfectly fine but when it’s done exporting it freeze and glitches

Core i7-6700
(2x) 1tb HHD
32GB ram

Hello @TheunsNZ

Which export preset did you select?
Did you change any settings in Advanced? If so, what did you change?

Here is my settings for both

Is your source video Interlaced, or did you change the scan mode?

uhh it’s progressive I changed it once because I thought it was that

In your screenshot, click Reset, then export.

will try that now and update you in roughly 15 mins

There are no safeguards in Advanced mode.
You can have a bad export by changing settings in Advanced.
Export Preset: Default is the best one to work with.

Hey man it still does it and I’m completely lost now

yo mate don’t worry my dumbass just realised that its cause I had so much crap running in the background xD thanks for the help tho man, i sent the video to my other pc and my phone and it was perfectly fine there

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