Exported Video Screen Cuts Off Left and Right

I am combining a few video streams into one. After positioning each clip into the positions I want, I export the timeline. But somehow the exported video always clips off part of the left and right hand sides. As a result, the screen aspect ratio is different and the exported screen is smaller than the video on my preview screen.

I am using Version 19.12.16.

Did you try to export using only and all default options (change nothing in export)?

Yes, indeed. I am quite new to this and the menu items all look like gibberish. I saw a 2016 video where one can set the screen pixel numbers on export, but I cannot find these options on this version.

I’m suspecting your video mode doesn’t match your source video resolution. But I can only guess since you haven’t supplied any information about your project.

The resolution of the source clips from clicking the “properties” button is 752x476. The preview pane is “zoom fit”. On the “video” tab of the “export file” window, it shows resolution and aspect ratio to be both 752x476. I assume the preview area and exported video file is WYSWYG. But it isn’t.

“Zoom Fit” is for just your preview while using Shotcut. It has nothing to do with Video Mode or Export settings.

To see your Video Mode… Settings - Video Mode

Click on Master in your timeline, the Properties.

Depending on how you set up your project and what was opened first in the project, you probably have a video mode not proportion to your source video.

Ah, Thanks!

I found video mode under “Settings”. I made a “custom” video mode using the default resolution of 752x476. Shotcut worked on it for half a day and did not respond. So I had to kill it.

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