Exported video not like the source video

Hello. I’m hoping someone can tell me what the issue is with my exported videos. I’m very new to video editing and don’t understand the terminology in this area to know what suggestions online could work. It would be great if someone could help me.

I’m in the process of transferring all of my old VHS tapes to digital format. The captured videos are in MPEG format and play exactly as they were captured, like the original tapes. I’ve been using Shotcut to make some very basic and minor edits (cut out static between scenes, etc) and export the videos. I use the ‘High Profile’ option for export and don’t adjust any of the advanced settings.

The exported videos play as they should for the most part. Sometimes though, when I’m in the middle of watching a scene, the video appears to go a little ‘slow mo’ for a minute or two, and then go back to playing at the usual rate. It is subtle but enough to be off-putting. Audio isn’t affected at all (sounds perfect and is in sync, even though the video is slightly slower). It doesn’t play like this in the original video.

I have no programmes running in the background and don’t do anything on the laptop while it’s exporting. My laptop is a few years old but it’s been able to export other videos without any issues.

Looking forward to getting your advice!

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