Exported video intro is black or has error

When I export all my videos. I always run into a black intro of about 3 seconds. or sometimes it just lags out when starting then comes normally again after 3 sec.

It has the audio by the way when it’s showing black for that 3sec in the intro
if it lags out, audio also jitters.

My timeline is fine. it plays it back properly in it.
but the exported video seems to always be problemed.

I have the latest shotcut version
and use hardware encoder

Your are probably exporting the video with the “Use Hardware Encoding” option set. If so, switch it off and re-export your video.

Don’t it improve the quality of the video? if I remove that, would the quality be different?

Most people find that “hardware encoder” results in lower quality, but the export time is much faster.

As Brian says, in general hardware encoders produce poorer quality videos than software encoding. This is because they are designed more for streaming videos in realtime, rather than taking the time to produce a high-quality video.

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