Exported Video doesn't contain text filters?

Hi Not sure if im missing something but when i export my video (in this case to h264) my text filters are missing?

I followed a guide on youtube which suggested i could use text filters with background colours to obfuscate text or anything i needed to on a video.

Spent hours getting everything placed in my video and played fine in the player, as soon as I export they are not there.

Is there something im doing wrong with the export? Im quite new so its possible.

Source is .mp4 screen capture, i then added a narration track all of which is fine and in finished video but not the text filters which obfuscate the sensitive data.

Can anyone help?
Thanks in advance

Running latest version (as of aug 12th) of shotcut on Windows 10 creators update. Tried OpenGL and direct x modes as well as with and without gpu acceleration.

Laptop is an hp Core i5 laptop 16gb ram and intel graphics

Source is mp4 video with mp3 audio clips added and fade in and out filters appear to have worked.

Just not text :frowning:

Ok solved not sure if bug or by design.

The YouTube tutorial said put in a sex filter set a background colour eg black and then just chuck in some
Space characters.

Which when exported didn’t show

However, so today I put the standard #timecode# back into each of them and set the font to same as background colour and now my redaction boxes are there.

I assume same would work if I just used some underscore characters?

For what It’s worth I found the sections or xml which represented the text and the spaces were there.