Exported video different from preview, goes black halfway through

I’ve tried to export a video 3 times, as a mp4 and mov but every time the audio and video cuts in and out not in sync (different than the preview). Also, about 5 minutes in everything goes black with no sound, in the preview everything runs fine. Is this a know issue? Are there any workarounds? Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? Thanks for any help!

No. Because we don’t know what you did.
All you have told us is that you tried to export 3 times without success.
Give us steps to repeat please.

Work around for what?
Steps to repeat please.

Are you waiting until the export has fully finished?

I just meant is anyone else experiencing videos turning black halfway through and if they have found out what they’re doing wrong. There were no interruptions in the exporting process during any of the attempts. The point where it blacks out is in the middle of a clip, I don’t think it’s an issue with the clip itself because it plays fine in the preview window. I’m fairly new to shotcut btw, Any guesses as to what would cause an audio track to sync up fine in the preview window but be out of sync upon exporting? Thanks for your time trying to help me out :grinning:

I’m busy with other things right now but I’ll attach screen recordings later if that’s more helpful

@Steve_Ledger I was trying to export a variable frame rate video, that had been checked to be 30ps, at 60fps and I think this caused my issue, when I exported it at 30fps it synced up perfectly and there was no black screen! Thanks for your help!