Exported file: "skip" effects on audio at beginning of cuts !?

hey there,

Im not sure if this is a bug:

After Ive cut some parts of a video/audio track, the exported file seem to “echo” the audio in the
very first second where the cuts are made. so the very first second sounds as it is doubled for a bit.
thats totally bugging me since each cut then makes the audio “skip” like cds back in time.

any idea what the problem could be ?

Not without specific information.

Can you reproduce this with a new project?
How could someone reproduce what you’re experiencing?
For this you need to write out very detailed steps.

Let’s look at your saved project file (the .mlt file). You can just drag it into the reply box.
What is the Source file properties? Click the source clip, then hit properties. If you can, just screen shot this box. Drag into the reply box.

What preset did you choose to Export?
Did you change any settings in the Export panel before exporting?
If so, what?

Does it skip in the preview or just the export? what kind of file(s) were you working with and what type of audio?

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