Exportation, sound but no video. (black screen) exportation, son mais pas d'image (écran noir)


I’m making let’s play on RDR2. The last exportation works after mutiples tries. I kept the same exportation settings for my new let’s play and when the exportation is done i’ve got only the sound and not the vidéo.
On the first timeline -> my camera, recording my head, hd 1080.
Second timeline -> the game 1080p 60 fps
Trird timeline -> audio timeline, my voice (record with audacity and a mic bird UM1)

here’s my exportation settings:


I don’t get it, the last let’s play, i’ve got the same problem, but after mutiple tries with différents settings I finally got the video. Here’s it’s not the case.

Sorry for my english i’m french.

thanks for your help.


je fais des let’s play sur rdr 2 et quand j’exporte ma vidéo j’ai le son mais pas l’image. Le dernier let’s play j’ai galéré, j’ai eu le même problème mais après plusieurs essais avec des paramètres différents ça avait finalement fonctionné. La ça ne marche pas y’a rien à faire.

Timeline 1 -> ma caméra qui filme ma tête en hd 1080
Timeline 2 -> l’image du jeu en 1080p 60 fps
timeline 3-> piste audio, ma voix enregistrée avec audacity et un bird um1

Paramètres de l’exportation ci-dessus.

Une explication?


Can you provide a screenshot of your timeline, specifically of the track headers and master.
Shotcut version? (Help/About Shotcut)
Operating system?

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update your shocut and try again :wink:

Click on Help—> 6313ce17776d530898c116d72415409c then about shotcut —> bda5936d1ec4491ee55ea6997d01dc24
to see your version :slight_smile:


I do not know if this is the problem, but your “Taille du tampon” is much too low! Try to Export without changing ANY Export settings. Just click Export File (whatever that is in French).

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