Export white after first cut

My video looks fine in the preview, and when I export it it’s fine until the first cut, after that it’s all white. I’ve been working on a few projects at the same time (sections of a larger video), and they’re all having the same problem now I’m ready to export.

I’ve tried changing some of the export settings and using different presets, but tbh I don’t really know much about them so I’m not sure what might help.

If you have checked the export option “Use hardware encoder” try switching it off.

I don’t have it checked but thank you :slight_smile:

This is a strange problem that I have not heard about or experienced myself. There is not much information to go on here. Close all instances of Shotcut, and check that all shotcut.exe processes are gone in Task Manager (assuming Windows) or reboot to be sure. Start Shotcut one time, open one of the projects, export using defaults, and see if the problem still exists. In your next reply mention your operating system and Shotcut version.

Thank you. I’m using Windows 10 and Shotcut version 19.07.15.

I followed your steps and have had the same problem. The preview is now also white after the first cut. I’ve had that happen a lot (my system isn’t really cut out for video editing), but it usually resolves itself either spontaneously or after closing and reopening.

The clips I’m editing are on an external drive (it’s been plugged in the whole time and still is), it’s the first time I’ve worked like that so I’m wondering if that’s an issue.

After opening a project, play it until you get the white video, and from the View menu choose Application Log. Save it and upload it in a reply here (see the up arrow icon in reply editor toolbar).

Do you have space to transfer this project’s video files to an internal drive to test if that is the problem?
If so, you can copy everything over for this project at least temporarily to test for this. After copying, disconnect the external drive, open the copied project file in Shotcut, and follow the steps in the Missing Files dialog if it appears.

log.txt (41.3 KB)

I moved the files for the smallest project and it didn’t make a difference unfortunately. The preview and the exported video both still have the same problem. I even checked the original files thinking maybe the problem was there somehow, but they’re playing absolutely fine.

I think the problem is that Shotcut is failing to seek on your AVCHD files. I see a camera folder structure in “D:/AVCHD/BDMV/STREAM/inktoberCoverRaw11.MTS”. Is D:\ your camera or a card from the camera? That might be a part of the problem. If you can play them fine in Shotcut then perhaps it only works good playing sequentially or starting from the beginning. You might need to convert these in Properties > menu > Convert to Edit-friendly to work with them.

Yeah D:\ is my camera. I tried converting them but I don’t have enough space :confused: I’ll play around with it some more tomorrow and post again if I find a solution. Maybe I can make some space or use a different external drive.

Thanks for all your help.

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