Export to MP4 video made of high quality pics+music

Dear All,

I like using the software, it is really great and easy to use, however I have a small issue with exporting.

I created a video made of high quality pictures with simple effects (fade in/fade out) and add an audio (mp3) file as a background music… total length is just 1 min.
I tried to export it with different export settings, but in the final video (mp4) the resolution of the pics are really low (looks like a 50-60kb pic).

Can you help me how can I export my video from the timeline to an mp4 file by keeping high quality of the pictures in it?

Thank you

Did you try the default export?

What exact export changes did you make?

thank you for the reply

I tried default export;
I tried youtube export
I tried other HD export options - most of them w/out changing in the settings, but all resulted to a lower pic quality…

with which setting could it work without loss of resolution? the file contains only jpg files and mp3 music for the background

What is the resolution of your JPG’s?
Click on one and then click on Properties.

What is your Video Mode set at?
Click on Master in the timeline, then click on Properties.

i made 2 snapshots, pls see attached

pls let me know if you could see the snapshots
thank you

  1. snapshot

It would be also important, that all pictures are full screen size, which is unfortunately not the case now.
how can I set that?

The resolution of your project is very low, and the aspect ratio does not match the resolution, which is not optimal. Change your Settings > Video Mode.

ok, thanks, and to what should I change?
there is quite a wide range of choices :slight_smile:

I found it thanks, and now its perfect :slight_smile:
I set it for UHD2160p 60 fps

It is perfect now
thank you

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