Export to Desktop fails

I discovered an issue that might need attention in the next version. Not calling it a bug, but an initially frustrating scenario that DOES NOT work.
Shotcut version 21.02.15. Windows 10 Professional 64 bit.
Any Export attempt instantly fails if the Export Save location is set as Desktop.
I was tearing my hair out. WTF is going on.
Systematically troubleshooting the problem - was it a video file issue? (no), Export formatting problem? (no). Export using the plain vanilla H.264 Main profile, no adjustments/changes, 1 random video file, no editing. BANG! it fails if you Export to the Desktop. Tried a few other Export formats, all of which fail in the same manner.
If the Export is saved in ANY LOCATION other than the Desktop, the problem goes away. No matter what drive (internal/external/portable) I tried a BUNCH of different combinations. Just an FYI if it helps anyone else.

Hey @GaryK427, Could you upload a screenshot or screen recording of your problem for better solutions.

Sure, will do this evening. Never had this happen in previous versions, odd

See Windows Controlled Folder Access


@GaryK427, Check this link -


Suddenly this is happening, and people are saying it is the new version. (Again?)
Is it possible that in these cases Shotcut was on the Safe Apps list, and the recent upgrade triggered Windows to kick it off? Perhaps something changed in the Windows internal protocols, perhaps a small change in how Update is done.
I am thinking that maybe there is some small tweak to Update that would prevent this in the future.
Or maybe not…

Whenever there is a new version of an app, there are antivirus and this security mechanisms that go into a stricter mode until it becomes known and trusted by their systems. We have no control over it other than to not release new versions.


What I just found in a cursory search is that in the past month Microsoft has tightened down security though their own auto-updates of Windows 10. Good for security, a nightmare for software vendors.

I was hoping to find a “Notice to Software Developers” from Microsoft with instructions on how to cope; alas, no such communication from Microsoft.

…and a good thing; one form of malware, which I know from sad experience, is that which falsely masquerades as a legitimate software update.

I was hoping, in my search, that Microsoft had a secure update authentication protocol; it appears they do not provide such.

I had always hoped that when I submit an update to the Microsoft Store that it does feed into their security databases. They certainly do scan these submissions for malware. This store update submission is pending as of mid-day March 1.

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Perhaps it does feed into the security database…
…when they get around to it.

People are always asking “What is the difference between the Microsoft-paid version and the free version?”

Perhaps in the future one part of the answer would be “You get new updates for Shotcut on Windows a few days earlier”, thus not releasing that new version for free until Microsoft has vetted it. It might prevent this aggravation.

Hey everyone. Here’s a screen record showing what is happening as I try to Export a brief video. As you will see, it fails if sent to the Desktop, but works fine if you send it to any other location or drive. Watch here:

When I go to Privacy, there are no Apps listed under Choose which apps can access your file system.
Certain Windows programs, such as those that are downloaded from the internet (Shotcut apparently isn’t recognized by Windows 10 as an allowed app) won’t appear in that list and are not affected by the Allow apps access your file system setting. To allow or deny file system access for one of these programs, check the settings in the program itself.

So, now what?

In the Virus and Security, nowhere is there a Controlled folder access or Manage Controlled folder access menu. I searched but nothing comes up. Wonder what’s wrong here?

I can export to Desktop just fine, and you are reporting about a beta version that had a very limited usage and is unlikely to be registered as a known application. Meanwhile, there was a release that thousands have already downloaded and is now published in the Microsoft Store.
I will not be able to help you find the Controlled Folder Access any better than Microsoft or other web searches.
Also, you might want to look at the export job log and verify it is saying permission denied.

Actually, I just went straight to Controlled Folder Access pressing the Windows key and typing “controlled”

Just wondering, does your desktop (C drive) has enough free space?

Hey Dan, I noticed that you also play Cyberpunk like me.

I also have a separate PC for just playing Cyberpunk with a cyberpunk wallpaper.

Yes, there is about 450 GB free space roughly. It’s a Samsung SSD drive, which has performed flawlessly for me

No problem with C: free space. Samsung 970 Pro 512 GB SSD. Currently displaying 218.6 GB free

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