Export taking a century

So I tried to export my biggest project yet with 60 frate and the loading time haven’t changed in 2 hours -looks like it did even start

Any suggestions?

Does Windows Task Manager say the computer is totally out of RAM? It may not be able to handle a big project and just fail.

I use MacBook air

It says in Storage i have 6.8 GB left

That’s low. But I’m more concerned about Memory, not Storage.

Just saw your post about MacBook Air… I’m not a Mac user, so I may be of limited help here.

Looks like i don’t have alot left

You don’t have a lot to start with. What is the Video Mode of your project? If it’s a HD 1080p project, you are using a computer that is below the minimum system requirements. Your 60fps choice doesn’t help either.

Close as many apps as possible to free up some memory and be patient. If nothing crashes, in a few hours your project should be done exporting.

I delete some files and have 9435 MiB of free space, i set the frame rate to 35 but now the export says failed… how can I check if it’s 1080 hd or not?

My MacBook is version 10.14.6 isn’t that within the system requirement?


What is the size of the video files you use? It also matters.

This only means your computer meats ONE of the requirements.

We know you only have 4 gigs of ram. That doesn’t meat the requirements for HD 1080p.

The video mode is set to costum YT how can I check it? And can I change it now?

The size of the videos are 114 mb, 740 mlb and less

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