Export Shortcuts to DaVinciResolve

I’ve been using Shotcut for quite a while now, but I recently “upgraded” to DaVinci Resolve. Now I wanted to know if there is a way to export the Shortcuts to a format that could DaVinciResolve read. It wouldn’t be tragic if this doesn’t work but I got so used to these shortcuts that it would be very nice if I could use them in Resolve as well.
Thanks in advance.

I can’t find an option for exporting in Davinci Resolve file format (It could there also),
But I found a topic related to .edl, which can be used in premiere and davinci. You can check out the topic, although it’s a suggestion for improvement in edl:

I assume you are talking about keyboard shortcuts like CTRLZ.

You can tailor DaVinci Resolve’s keyboard shortcuts. See here:

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