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I would like to ask about produce video with good quality with low size as my problem the size of videos is very big around 10GB and its bigger than the original video my videos length from 30-60 minutes i tried many settings for this matter and no use ,what is the solution as now all my video is recorded in HD frames/second 60 and its should be in good quality

Is 10GB the size of your original video or the size of the export that comes out of Shotcut?

It would help if you first let us know what are the settings you have used so far that you are not happy with.

Can we get to know what you would be doing with the final result?

Because if we know what you want to do with the final video, we can explain better according to your work.

For example:-

If you don’t have enough storage on your pc, that’s why you want lower file size. Than you can try cloud storage services like mega or google Drive.

no the size of the export video

I use the following:-
resolution:- 1080*1920
frame/rate :- 60
interpolation best
deinterlacer best
codec :- lib264
quality 85%

I want the export video size around 3GB will be very good and quality of HD

Is your original video in 60 fps?
If not, make it 30 fps, thats enough for most cases.
85% quality is a nonsense setting for most purposes.
The default of 55% is already very good and you won’t recognize any difference,
unless you have a really huge monitor and very good eyes :slight_smile:
If you want even lower file size for your final video go for 50 or 45% quality - its still enough in most cases!
The quality settings do the best job when you want smaller file size!

Additionally you can adjust the GoP-Settings (Group of Pictures) to 30 or even 60 without loss.
Youtube wants a Gop setting of 15 afaik - but it doesn’t matter cause they re-encode anyway.

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I can’t understand what you try to say. If you have difficulty to write in English. You can write in your own language. And we will translate it through Google Translate

sorry for that all i am want to produce video with good quality and the size of the file is small i tried many settings but the video size in the end very big thats all

yeah my video is in 60fps
I already tried to export video using youtube settings saved in the shotcut but the final video seems to me blury and not in HD what I mean not same like the original

This was discussed in depth in the following thread:

P.S. Setting CRF higher than 67% really make no difference to quality and increases filesize dramatically.

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thank you that was useful

When a video is blurry at reasonable quality settings, it sometimes means there is a mismatch in resolution between the source videos and the Video Mode. Try checking Settings > Video Mode to make sure the resolution is as high as it should be.

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