Export not exporting correct files

Hi all,

This is literally the most annoying thing ever.
I can’t connect it to any post so far.
When I produce short videos of up to 30 seconds that include audio, image and text it often just exports wrong files and no audio.
Each time I have to close down shutcot and start all over again !

Has anyone experienced this before?
My video file always looks like this blank white:

I’ve had this happen with past Shotcut versions when using Hardware Encoding to export. I now never use hardware encoding.

It would be useful if you could post the Version Number; The Operating System and your export parameters. Also a full screenshot of Shotcut is useful as often users manage to inadvertently put a filter on the output track that can cause such problems.

Hardware Encoder is actually unselected :grimacing:

I’m using v21.03.21 on a desktop with similar specifications (Windows 10, core i5 2.8GHz, 8GB RAM) and haven’t seen the problem you’re experiencing, so I don’t know what to suggest. I presume there is nothing in the Application Log that indicates a problem with the export.

@Eva_Kam I see that you are running 21.01.29.

You may be dealing with a problem which was resolved in the following release.

I am sooo not a tech savvy, do I need to uninstall shotcut and reinstall it when the next version comes out? How do I know if it’s out yet ?

Shotcut Informs you when a new release is available (when you first start it or if you maximise from minimize).


The latest version is here


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For someone “not a tech savvy”, you did an excellent job photo-documenting the technical environment of the problem.

In fact, it was the best, most complete documentation that I have seen here yet.
It enabled a very quick zoom-in on the most likely culprit.

I wish everyone who posts here would…

I see you are using Windows 10 Home.

That gives you two options for upgrades of Shotcut:

In your situation, the paid path may be a good investment.

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