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Good evening, I would like to know how I can export videos without losing video quality and weight. I noticed that it exports me a video from mp4 to mp4, but the weight decreases by 5-6 times.
Thanks to whoever answers.
I apologize if it is a super-covered topic, but I wanted to have an answer here.

This topic was really covered several times here - do a little search :slight_smile:
What do you mean by “weight” - size?
There are lossless video codecs to use for export -> file size will be very big!
You wouldn’t see any loss when you export with h.264 / mpeg in 70% quality (export - advanced settings).
If you just want to cut and dont use any filters or transitions there are special tools, like lossless cut :slight_smile:

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You just need to set it to h.264 or in the export tab you will find a list named “Lossless” full of lossless exporting codecs you could also select one of them. (But size will increase also mentioned by RilosVideos)
And if weight is considered as size from you then if the size decreases its good to you.

Just give your computer specifications than I could tell more.:smiley:

From a editing expert, 3D creation expert and YouTuber.:wink:

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I just have to export a video, with a small addition of a signed video. At the beginning or the end, I have not decided.
I don’t want to apply filters or anything else. Just do the export with this little addition. Without changing quality or weight.

I wish I lost weight every single time I exported a video. I would be exporting videos all the time…


337 / 5000

youtube presets
h264_amf h264_sqv checked
VBR based on quality
100% quality qp_i = qp_p = qp_b = 23
these are the settings for exporting the video The quality remains good, but the weight multiplies by 3-4 times. Tell me how do I now keep the file size not heavy. Greetings

If you have not added any effects and not edited too much like transitions or tracks and just cutted the clip then just right click the video file in your file explorer and right go to properties and copy the whole same codecs and all in shotcut.

Get the bitrate of the clip you want to be like. You can use Properties > menu > More Information for that, but make sure you observe the bitrate of the audio versus the video stream!
In Export > Advanced > Codec switch to average bitrate and input the video bitrate, and in Audio tab enter the audio bitrate.

I don’t understand where I should copy the specifications from, explain better.

I don’t understand where I should copy the specifications from, explain better.

I was able to halve the weight of the video, by not checking an item, I mean; I used functions of which I did not understand well the function, and I left many options ticked, thus weighing down the amount of Giga Byte that made up the final movie.
See you next time.

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