Export issue with 21.05.01 version and Time Remap

Try again but make sure the Image Mode is set to Blend. Then export it once with Parallel Processing on and once with it off. What are your results?

@brian, did you get to try the above? I’m bringing it up again to see if it can get fixed in time for this month’s release.

I have not successfully reproduced the issue. Can you privately provide me a package that reproduces the problem?

  • MLT project
  • Referenced media
  • Export job XML

@shotcut, I want to ask you if this is the kind of bug that could be fixed for the upcoming release. I haven’t supplied Brian what he’s asking for yet but I want to know first if I do it soon and he could fix it then if that fix could be included in the release that’s coming up. It is an export bug so I imagine so but I want to just confirm.

It would depend on the nature of the fix. If the fix is simple and low risk, then it can be included. If the fix is complex and risky, then it would wait for the next release and more testing since we already have a work-around.

@DRM have you had a chance to provide a test project? It would be great if I could reproduce this to fix it. Thanks!

Good news. Another users has reproduced this issue and submitted a fix for the 21.08 release: