Export - is there a solution?

H.264MainProfile.txt (182.5 KB)
Latest version of Shotcut on a Mac with High Sierra
I’ve tried just about everything with this export. I’ve converted the clips to edit friendly and tried most of the pre-sets. But it freezes about a third of the way through - sometimes it goes very slowly and jumps through the images - the film is about five minutes long and it has many filters and subtitles - some of the clips are at 30fps but mostly 24fps. I’ve included the view log file. Can anyone help?

Is that the right log file? It ends with:

Completed successfully in 00:12:18

It also has IPB statistics of the finished file, so it should be viewable.

Hi Austin Thanks for your reply. The file is viewable within the software although the images get stuck whilst the music plays on uninterrupted. But the file outside the software when viewed in QuickTimePlayer is much worse it gets stuck and then the music slows down to a snails pace & screen goes black

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