Export in same audio/video format if profile exists

New to Shotcut- I apologize in advance if this is already a feature:

I have a WebM file that I just need to trim the beginning and end on. I exported to WebM and the result was 10X the original size. I’m now (finally) looking at the source file properties to match the encoding settings 1:1, and I was wondering: If you can tell me the current A/V encoding settings, would it be plausible to offer that as the default export format if Shotcut has those options available? (Like an Export -> Same as source)? It would save time trying to mix/match if you’re just doing minor edits. Thanks!

You should search a tool to do it without re encoding.

avconv command line

or http://www.videotovideo.org/

You are a life saver! VTV worked perfectly for this purpose (for a newbie). I wasn’t aware it existed / it was a great recommendation. Thanks!