Export: H.264 how to set ratefactor-bases rate control = 22 and preset=veryfast

The general question is it possible to pass custom parameters for H.264 codec? If yes, then in which format should I pass the parameters?

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Yes, it is possible to customize the parameters for your codec. I would start with one of the H.264 default profiles and edit from there under the video and codec tabs. For other parameters that cannot be set in the program’s interface itself, I think you would have to manually edit that yourself using Melt or Shotcut’s source code…

Unfortunately my individual knowledge in export settings/codecs is pretty limited, so I think this is the extent to which I can help.

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Well, several months later, I found the required reference of all parameters. It’s listed on the following Melt’s page:
As far as I understood I may use all these parameters on the Shortcut profiles - Export - Other tab.
and these parameters will be passed directly to Melt.