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I would like to export part of a video (a clip) from a timeline. I prefer to edit on timeline because I can see audio waveform.

First I create markers and cut (split at playhead). When I select a clip, as far as I understood, I should first copy, and then add (+) to playlist.

Here comes a problem, could be a bug with the latest version 22.03.30. It doesn’t work. A few times I could copy with a button on a timeline or via Edit > Copy. Honestly I don’t know if I pressed something else during those successful attempts, because I am not able to duplicate it.

Am I missing something, I didn’t find any useful info on a web, so I would be happy If you can help me.

PS: Using windows version, win 10 home

Place your marker
Give the marker a range of time
Change “From” to marker name
Export File



Thank you for your quick and detailed reply.

But for me is strange - this is meant for developer - why not just to make an option Export from marker A to marker B. To give a marker a range is very unpractical and not necessary job. So, I must create two markers and the time from marker B is basically the end time or range from marker A.

Am I correct? Is there no simpler way?

You only need one marker with a duration greater than one frame, which is not impractical and common functionality in video editors. In the latest version there is a way to conveniently create this marker from one or more selected clips using Alt+M. There are less convenient ways to accomplish the same thing if you really must.


Thank you all for your support. Now I found a way.

Place playhead where you want and insert a marker. Next place playhead where you want the end of section to be, pres CTRL and expand marker to playhead. In this way you get a range you want and you can export it directly.

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