Export File Time on Area 51M?

Hi all,

Shotcut 19.01.27…is the latest better?
On windows 10 Pro via Programs Files Folder(not x86)

I have a Dell Area 51m R1 8-core Core i9-9900K with 64GB and 2080 GPU…but I do have the export file/Shotcut on the 1 TB (+8 GB SSHD)

I have 12hour 1280 x 720 Bitrate 20M export file that I’m Parallel processing and Dual pass…It’s showing 8% with 3hrs 48mins to go…Is that normal?
I used similar settings to this video: How to Export Using Shotcut | Free Video Editor - YouTube

Would it be improved on the 1TB M.2 NVMe?
Is there a better video for YouTube settings?

Seems stuck on 75%?
1:04hr to go…hanging last 30 minutes?
Still plays video in screen though :frowning:

A 12 hour project is a long one so the 4h estimation seems good enough for your chosen settings, just wait for the export to finish at this point and check your result.

But in the future use a marker to select the first 1minute of your project and experiment with only exporting that for a few tests to see if you are happy with the quality and time.

Personally I think your export settings are a bit too high for a regular user/video. The video you linked assumes very high quality settings. For example the dual pass basically runs through your 12h project twice so it processes 24hours of data.
I don’t think moving the files to a SSD would make a massive difference as even a laptop HDD can read at ~100MB/s and 720p video isn’t that big → check in task manager if your HDD is at 100%, but I suspect it isn’t.

I recommend using the default export preset with Quality based VBR and a quality of 65% (crf=18), you’ll probably get a faster export.
If you want very fast export and don’t care about filesize Use the hardware encoder.

That’s 4 years old at this point, definitely use the latest version!!

Well still has not moved off 75% and been another 30 minutes?
If I update Shotcut do I lose my previous jobs file on the right panel?

I’ve restarted the Export File with the same setting I used before at 2.45am…1% shows
Will leave computer, while I go to sleep and see what happens…power usage is Very high but CPU and disk are under 50%???

Update: At 1300hrs it completed it 11hrs…but Shortcut says 4hrs for first and 5hrs 30min for parallel run. The file size is 104GB! Looks like a 12hr 30min upload!
Is this normal?

[joke tone] You are playing with Area 51 stuff and you are asking us what’s normal ? :slight_smile:

Who knows what OOB (Out-of-band) information you have. Please check your IR channels and see what you have there. You could have surprising stuff there, I don’t know.

You need to estabilish what is your quality goal. You have a 12h video and you asked Shotcut to export at 20mbps bitrate so this means every second of it is using 20mb of space on your hard drive so:
12 hours * 3600 seconds = 43.200 seconds in total
43.200 seconds * 20mb per second = 864.000 mb (divide by 8 because 1 byte is 8 bits) = 108.000 MB → this is ~105 GB so the program did what you asked it to do.

Now I’m going to assume you are a beginner and just want average or good video quality so just do this:

  1. click on the export panel

  2. click on the Default preset on the left list (ignore what’s on the right)

  3. a) do you want medium quality with very small file size? → just click Export File and that’s it

  4. b) do you want higher quality with double/triple file size?
    -make sure Advanced is clicked
    -click on the Codec tab
    -type into Quality: 65
    -leave everything the default (especially GOP, that’s a very advanced field)
    -click Export file

It should take less than 5h to finish it with these settings (less for default, a bit more for 65% quality).

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If you feel confortable with trying something for 5 minutes before exporting your entire video, Musicalbox has a great tutorial to only select something like 1 minute of your 12hour project and see if you are happy with the default quality or want the 65% quality. You can then compare the 2 results yourself and choose what quality you want.

If you try this, make sure at the end you choose From: Timeline in the export panel to Export your entire project instead of just the selected range.

Hi Daniel47,

Thankyou for the time and effort in your post.
As per MKBHD it’s best to get the Best quality uploaded to YouTube…
It’s just I came from a Sony Z1 and I expected my area 51m to complete the export faster on Shotcut.

If I update Shotcut do I lose my previous jobs file on the right panel?
Will it export files faster in the latest version?
What are the 5 main improvements from this version to the latest?

Probably not, but not 100%.

Probably a bit faster, ffmpeg and shotcut are improved every month, but don’t expect 2x faster or something extreme.

I don’t think I even heard of shotcut in 2019, have a quick look through the release page if you want to see changes Releases · mltframework/shotcut · GitHub .
I just realised you can’t do the quick 1 minute export because in your version markers weren’t available yet.

I see, just use the 65% value then and you’ll be very happy with it.

FYI: 65%-67% gives what is known as a “visually lossless” video. i.e. Though there is still compression, the artifacts introduced by this cannot really be distinguished by the naked eye. 100% gives no compression at all, which creates a huge file and which some video players have difficulty in playing.

What a bloody disaster!
After 48hrs I find out that the video is 30minutes too long for Youtube!
Seems I lose the access to the description that I created in Youtube upload process.
Now to cut and go over the process all again!

So it seems that exporting a 11hr 45 minute Video file with no transitions in Shotcut is only going to take 2hrs now with original Export(as per video) settings…this is from the previous video cut by 45 minutes.
I do have the other Shotcut open with completed Export file top left and have not closed it.

Update: Not sure if ShotCut stalled again as been 3hrs and still says 1hr 47min…but 10minutes after I wake computer from sleeping and now says 1minute 59 sec for first run complete?
Been stuck on 1minute 59sec for last 50 minutes?

If you need to cut the end you can use ffmpeg to do this in seconds, check out the command here: Cutting the videos based on start and end time using ffmpeg - Stack Overflow

Well I opened another Shotcut and placed 12hr 30 minute video and then attempted to cut 45minutes it was slow and clunky…maybe because I had the previous Shotcut open?
I just used “Split at Playhead” and then removed and added black screen…bugger forgot to transition to black screen!

mmm Stop and Run on the first of two and now Both jobs, original and parallel are rending???

Update: The Parallel finished rendering before the main?
The main has stopped on 99% with 1:34 to go?
I can see a 91GB video just not complete with thumbnail in folder…I attempted to play it and got sound with no picture…
Taskbar showing Shotcut doing bugger all.
I clicked RUN on main and now gone back to 0%???
There is an explanation mark next to main job and a green tick next to parallel job.
I clicked stop and run on main and after a delay its gone back to 1%…no time yet…2hrs 11minutes popped up now…wondering if PC or Shotcut if this does not work I will Start all over again from fresh opened Shotcut…

Update: Seems to be stuck on 99% again with 1min 39 left this time! :frowning:

Well I waited another 1 hr and removed the job and deleted 91Gb file that would not play.
Now I closed and reopened shotcut but now it is closing down and even though I starting from scratch it’s closing down spontaneously and freezing, the mlt file is appearing and disappearing and not playing back…just odd?
I have a blue circle appearing when I attempt to do anything?
I don’t want to reboot the Lappie but seriously…

Does it look like this ?



So I went for a walk but I think I need to restart\reboot lappie as I Export File and it’s not responding to Save…

Man you need to be more pacient, just copy-pasting 90GB takes an hour on a good drive, if it’s the OS drive it will be a bit slower so that 1h30m makes sense as the last step of encoding might need to edit some metadata/headers in the file that are only known at the end so it would need to read+modify+write the entire file.

I strongly recommend my suggested 65% VBR quality, your laptop (actually most laptops and standard PCs) can’t handle 12+hours of 20mbps video.

Did you just say the laptop went into sleep during encoding? lol

Well this has a desktop CPU and the screen went to sleep…oh well restart it is

My bad then. I do stand on the other point, your export settings are too high for regular video - unless you’re working for a studio 20mbps at 1280x720 for 12hours is extremely high.