Export FFMpeg Parameter String

is there a way to see the actual FFMPeg Parameter string which Shotcut will use to render the video?
I’m applying several filters and would like to see the parameters in detail :slight_smile: Thanks

I am unclear about exactly what you are looking for. Shotcut is not just a wrapper around FFMpeg. But it does use some libraries from FFMpeg.

When you start an export in Shotcut, you can right-click on the job in the Jobs panel. Then, choose “View XML”. In the MLT XML you can the filter parameters. Some of the filters use libavfilter from FFMpeg. Most do not. You can also inspect the “consumer” tag which includes the parameters that are passed to libavcodec.


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thanks a lot! i will take a closer look :slight_smile:
i wanted to find out the settings for color adjustment / color grading - i think it should work with ffpeg only.

The color grading filter uses Frei0r.

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that’s cool :smiley: what did you use for white balance?

White balance uses the frei0r filter called “colgate” (as in the toothpaste).

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thanks! I took a closer look to Shotcut yesterday and it’s really awesome!
I could fix a movie which hat wrong color balance, remove graininess and also adjust audio offset in one pass :smiley: Loving it
Also the audio limiter is great - especially for horror movies :smiley:

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