Export fails when using second video track

I am a new user to Shortcut. It is exciting how easy and smooth it wroks. All of my first export looks great. Now I want to add a second video track with a transparent PNG file as an overlay. Preview looks fine, but export fails after 5% to 15 %. I tried different PNG files and different durations. If I delete v2, export works great. There is no audio in the project. I can’t see any error in the logfile. The exit code is always the same:

…Current Frame: 318, percentage: 5
Failed with exit code -1073741819

Current Frame: 723, percentage: 12
Current Frame: 724, percentage: 12
Failed with exit code -1073741819

…Current Frame: 827, percentage: 14
Failed with exit code -1073741819

If I disable composite on V2, the export also works, but of course with the overlay file only. Do I have to mix video tracks before export or anything like this?

I have experienced that the export works if I just load the PNG file to V2 and apply no changes. If I extend the duration (4 second is default) it won’t export correctly. If I add several 4s PNGs continously to get the same overlay for a longer duration, export fails. So this is a bug?

I’m not sure why it’s failing, but I can explain how to extend the PNG files.

On the video track, go to the right edge (it will turn red) and just drag it how far you want it.
stretch 1

stretch 2

Or before you drag the png to the timeline, go to properties and select “Duration”, and here you can change the default if you would like to.

What’s your OS & Shotcut version?

Would it be possible to try converting your PNG file to a JPG with a colored background & ChromaKey the background for transparency?

@ Hudson555x:
Thank you, I tried it both ways and failed.

@ john_solo:
Thank you, I didn’t know that function. I have tried it with a JPG file and used the chromakey filter now. The preview looks fine (like before with the PNG file). But export fails with exactly the same error code.

Finally I found a workaround. I exported the video with video track 1 only. Then I opened a new project and added the video file I have created before. No cutting or fading necessary in this case. Then I added a second video track with just a single PNG file. And voilá, exporting was successfull! :grinning:

I have experienced that the export takes more than double time if there is such an overlay. Seems to be heavy work for the processor. Maybe it’s too complex if there are also many cuttings and fadings in the main video track.