Export fails when using png image but not with jpg

I created a slide effect using the Crop and S&P filter using a png image. Tried to export the project but it failed every time.

Replaced the png image with a jpg image, the project exports properly.

Attached are the 2 project files and the images. Maybe someone could take a look at what might be causing the export failure.

Slide PNG.mlt (15.7 KB)

Slide JPG.mlt (16.2 KB)

Windows 10 Pro SC 18.06.02

I’ll try tonight !

Hi same as you
Jpeg OK, png doesn’t start

Just dissabling parrallel processing in the main export tab and it works.

Part of the problem is that “Image 47.png” is actually a JPEG and not PNG. That confuses one of the image loaders in engine. Media Info reports that file as JPEG despite its name.

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Yep, Faststone and IrfanView report the same.


Thanks for testing.

I don’t know how this happened.

Renamed the png tp jpg. Export fails but if I un-check parallel processing the export works.:confused:

That alone is not enough if using the same project file. You would also need to change all instances of “pixbuf” to “qimage” because the bug is in pixbuf, which is not the preferred image loader. It is a fallback. I am working on a fix for pixbuf.

Got it. Thanks.

OK, core crash bug fixed for next release v18.07

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