Export fails when it gets to any video with stabilisation

OS: Windows 10
Shotcut version: 190816 (Downloaded of shotcut.org)

I’ve tried exporting a timeline multiple times and it failed all of them. I then looked at where it was failing and realised that it was at a video with the stabilisation filter. I deleted the filter from the clip and tried exporting it again, this time it worked fine until it got to the next video with stabilisation. The videos look horrible without the stabilisation so would be good if I could get it to export without failing.
Can anyone help?

If you change the start frame of a clip after Stabilize > Analyze was run, then the filter is not valid. But Shotcut does not yet detect that situation and clear the analysis results. Still, I would not expect that to cause export to fail. I am not sure what is going wrong for you. Can you simply remove the Stabilize filter and re-add it before export, make no changes, and see if it succeeds?

I tried re-adding all the stabilisation filters but it still failed at the same time while exporting. I then removed all the stabilisation from all the videos and then it exported perfectly. A couple times it also failed at analysing. I just tried re-adding all the stabilisation again but still no success.

I guess there is something incompatible with the video files you are trying to stabilize. You can try to isolate the cause by working in a completely separate project with just a single clip that you are trying to stabilize. If it still fails, then try using the result from Properties > menu > Convert to Edit-friendly.

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