Export fail- error opening object file

The export process starts, but cannot get beyond 0% on a large project, or 11% on about a 10 second test project. It doesn’t matter how long I wait, or even the project that I am working on, or the size of it, it still fails. It appears that the program is looking for a file.Export error.txt (1.7 KB)

The problem is not really with “opening object file”. From your log

[consumer avformat] Could not open ‘C:/Users/vlars/Documents/Camp Lash 3-9-21/Camp Lash 3-9-21.mp4’

“consumer avformat” is the thing that is trying to write your export file, but it was blocked by Windows. Why? Neither Shotcut nor readers here can know exactly why.
Try a different location. Search here for similar problems and solutions.

I tried a different save name, without the dashes, and pointed it to the root “documents” directory, rather than a subdirectory. But, I don’t think those were the problem. On your tip that it had something to do with Windows, I opened Windows Defender, and shut off Firewall and Network Protection. Then back in Shotcut, I was immediately able to successfully export. Thank you.

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