Export, drag and drop, run as administrator questions

Just wondering if anyone else has this problem, and perhaps a solution.

Almost always Shotcut will not export video unless I have set
Shotcut to run as administrator.

Problem is that with run as administrator on, drag and drop of video
clips to Shotcut does not work.

So I wonder how I can either:

1.Get Shotcut to export without running Shotcut as administrator?
2.Get drag and drop of clips onto Shotcut to work when running Shotcut as administrator?

Windows 10 (1709)
Shotcut 18.06.02

Thanks for any ideas to try.

Are you setting Shotcut exe to run as administrator?

Not necessary.
Not sure why you’re having these issues, but it it not necessary to run as admin’ for ether of the operations you mention especially if you are logged into W10 as a user with admin’ privileges (IOW: NOT as a standard user. Although that profile won’t prevent normal operation of Shotcut either.)
How often do you reboot your computer?

Usually once or twice a day.

BTW, logged in with admin’ privileges.

I use drag and drop a lot in my workflow.

I wonder why every time I set run as admin’ export works consistently.
Whereas almost every time (but not every time, strange…9 out of 10 times)
not set to run as admin’ export just stalls at 0%.

Interesting, so for you also no drag and drop with run as admin’ on.
Good to know.

Being logged in with admin privileges is not the same as running Shotcut as Administrator.

Yes, with this computer I always have been logged in with admin’ privileges.

Then doing tests with running Shotcut with
run as admin enabled
run as admin disabled

My understanding is that this is not a function of any application, in Windows this is how the UAC (User Account Control) works. Drag and Drop are messages. And sending messages from a program with normal rights, to an application with admin rights can cause security issues.

You may be able to turn UAC OFF (see: https://articulate.com/support/article/how-to-turn-user-account-control-on-or-off-in-windows-10) and it may then work, but I really really really wouldn’t advise that. Better to get export working as it should. Have you looked at the Shotcut log to see if there are any errors reported? Or re-installing the latest Shotcut from scratch and opting to “remove registry items”.

Thanks, that worked!

btw, no error log because the exports never even started, stalled at 0%,
view log showed empty area only, no text

Here’s the steps I took exactly:

  1. Uninstalled Shotcut
  2. Ran CCleaner, (cleaned the registry only) (I added that step, probably not a factor)
  3. Reinstalled Shotcut (setting checkbox to clear it’s registry settings during the install)
  4. Opened Shotcut
  5. Dragged a video clip successfully to Shotcut Playlist
  6. Dragged clip from Playlist to Timeline
  7. Clicked to open Export panel, and selected Youtube preset
  8. Clicked export file, gave filename, export begins and completes.

Thank you.