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Hey there,
I’m relatively new to shotcut but quite happy I was told about this software. The video was made using mainly cutting and moving the material around, with overlays of several layers of opacity. The sound is made with LISP/CSound and mainly features granulated drum and contra bass clarinet recordings.
Is there a chance to have something like granular synthesis for video? Is there any documentation for how to write XML files by hand?

Here is the video, have a nice weekend!

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Not quite sure why I like this, lol.
What is LISP/CSound?
I noticed a shake around 1:15, 2:20 & 3:10 on the lower section, was this intentional?
Very interesting video.
Thank you for Sharing.
Subbed to you.

Edit: I found both programs. I never thought this was possible. I haven’t installed anything yet, but this does have my interest. I loosely know how to program, but never done anything other than Basic since a course in college over 30 years ago, and tinkered a bit with HTML/CSS.

thanks for th feedback!
Well the shake was due to heavy winds and pretty lo-fi equipement while filming the material and I didn’t really wanted to throw it all away.

For CSound I never used any Youtube tutorial and the only everything I found so far is really awkward.
Maybe that’s now a good chance to make some nice yt-tutorials for it. But is very nicely documented on http://write.flossmanuals.net/csound/

For accessing LISP I can recommend Slippery chicken from Michael Edwards, it’s a whole software for generating music algorithmically. http://www.michael-edwards.org/sc/overview.html
and pretty nicely documented, too. It only has a small but quite vivid community.

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Have a look at the mlt documentation for editing mlt files.

There’s also a basic video series on youtube for command line mlt videos

Is there any documentation for how to write XML files by hand?

Some documentation on the MLT XML is given here:


Though editing MLT files is not for the faint-hearted.

For simple editing of XML on Windows systems I use Notepad++ (https://notepad-plus-plus.org/), setting the language option to XML. For larger programming projects I use Komodo Edit (https://www.activestate.com/products/komodo-ide/downloads/edit/).

thanks for the quick answer.
I’m actually not so much into writing it by hand, but my idea is to build a little algorithm in LISP that writes more complex mlt-files that can be rendered by shotcut.
I’ll have a look at the documentation, that’s actually exactly what I looked for but somehow didn’t find.

Very good video. the shakes go well with the buzzing music.
few overlays could be more accurate, but overall very good composition.

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