Experimental GPU Mode


i’m new here, using shotcut for several month now and am very happy with this piece of software art. It is very good program, easy to learn, fast to use. I stopped looking for other video editing programs as i feel very comfortable using shotcut now. So i came here to stay :smiley:

Ok, to the real topic:
i activated the experimental GPU Mode (first activated OpenGL, then the new feature under Settings). I know this is experimental and all bugs are my own problem, as I activated it, but I just wanted to give you some feedback and bugreports on this mode, as some hickups occured after activating this,:

• The program crashed quite more often.
• I could not start the exe from windows start menu anymore, it crashes instantly. If i doubleclick the shotcut.exe from the folder, it starts fine, this works without GPU Mode.
• The preview was not more fluent, as i expected, but the opposite, it was very laggy
• Some Filters just did not worked anymore. I added some video fade in and video fade out effects to a project and they all did not work anymore. At least the timing was not correct, i put a 2:30 seconds fade in time and the video showed me more like 0:30, same with fade out.
• A project, that was made/changed with activated GPU Mode, could not be loaded without GPU Mode, shotcut said something like “This project contains GPU effects, do you want to activate GPU Mode and restart?” when i try to open it.

My System specs, if this might help you:
Win 10 Insider RS4 16362
i7 4790k @4GHz, sometimes 4,4
16GB Ram
Sapphire Radeon RX 480 Nitro+ 8GB
Shotcut 17.09.04

If you have any questions about this, i would be pleased to help you. If you want me to test anything special, no problem, just tell me, what you need.

PS: i hope my english grammar is not too bad, as it is not my first language.