Experience with the processing of narrow film

does anyone have experience with editing narrow film (Super 8) after digitizing?
I would like to have an opinion to my work.
I would like to send a short piece of the digitized film and then a piece after the shotcut editing!
In order to get feedback, would an improvement still be possible?
Thank you

Hi wellenpeter,

I don’t have experience with actual film, but I do with narrow film, I can give you some feedback based my experience.

Just send the files. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you,
how can I give you the Send clips?
They have a certain size!

You can send directly here, or with google drive

The size limit to embed a video clip on the forum is 8M

Blöde Frage!
Wo kann ich hochladen?

You mean on the forum? Just start a new reply in this discussion and drag the video file in it.

Geht nicht. Kommt Meldung max 8 MB

What is the size of your smallest file?

72 MB, 110 MB and 110 MB

  • Launch Shotcut
  • Go to: Settings > Video Mode and Select Automatic
    This will make Shotcut adapt to the dimensions of your videos
  • Drag one of your clips in Shotcut and cut it to leave about 10 seconds (Don’t worry, that will not affect your original file)
  • Export
  • Check if the exported clip is less than 8 megs
  • Upload the clip on the forum

That doesn’t work really well!
Clip is now 5 seconds 7MB.
But the exports 10 MB

Can’t I upload somewhere else?

I could use “We transfer”?
What about that?

I would only need an email Adresse

If you want us to see your entire project, you could upload it on YouTube if you have an account.
Set the visibility to Unlisted if you don’t want the entire planet to see it :wink:

I uploaded the three files to Youtube.
But I don’t know how to set the visibility for you!
Can’t you send me an email address and then you can download the files?

Sorry, I don’t give my email address.

You said in your first post that you want opinions to your work
Can’t you just share the YouTube link here?
You’ll get more than one opinion.
Plus I’m not sure I’m the best person to help you digitize and restore your old films.
There are members on the forum that knows a LOT more than I do on that subject.

digitized version

export high profile setting

export default setting

Can’t watch you videos. There is a page appearing for a second that ask me to log in, then it switches to a Oops, something went wrong page.
I think you’ve set the Visibility to Private. You need to set it to unlisted