Example of frei0r filter + settings for Shotcut needed

Hi, guys!
I’m going to work on filters, can someone give me a sample project to create a single frei0r filter and settings files for Shotcut?
Which IDE do you use for this work? I’m not sure I’d like to compile entire frei0r project :slight_smile:

You don’t need to compile anything to develop filters if you use existing frei0r features. The Shotcut filter GUIs are written in QML/javascript.

Just find your filters folder in your shotcut installation:
Then create a new folder and copy examples from the other filters.

Brian, I want to create my own filters. I’ve checked them and they’re quite limited.
By the way, did you have a chance to connect affine transformation filter?

If you want to create new filters that don’t already exist then you will have to compile the code to add new. I don’t use an IDE. I just compile on the command line.

The “Size and Position” filter in Shotcut uses the MLT filter_affine.

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