Estimated time remaining of jobs should include the writing of the file itself

From time to time I’m exporting large video files, easily 200GB+, while exporting to and having the proxies for proxy editing on an external HDD.

The estimated time of processing the export is fine, but in terms of writing the file the overall progress stops at 99% and the time remaining is utterly wrong.

The only thing I can do is wait until the job displays the green finished icon.

Time remaining of a job has to be the sum of:

  • Time for exporting the file + time for writing the file

I believe the write operation is handled by the operating system so Shotcut doesn’t have a lot of control over it, especially if it can’t fit in RAM and if there’s a need to overwrite/change some info in the header (ie: the file is not written completely sequentially).
While it does sound annoying I don’t think it’s that vital, the ETA is an estimation anyway and still varies wildly during exporting depending on filter/source file usage.