Errors Found: Filter Presets Listed Twice In Dropdown Menu

I noticed a few weeks ago that suddenly the 'Size and Position" and “Text:Simple” filters have the presets listed exactly twice in their dropdown menus.
Please fix as it eats RAM when opening and using them, and is terribly annoying to navigate.

Sorry, but a while ago we had to make a fix for saving a preset with special characters. This meant spaces were encoded and the generated file names were different than before. Due to how presets work in Shotcut, stock presets are saved in the same location as custom ones as files. We will not delete the old ones, and you must. Since these preset names are translated, it would be a considerable effort to build a list of all the old ones and add the code to delete them. You can clean this yourself easily in two ways. One is to choose all of the old presets in the UI and click the - button to delete them. The next time you start Shotcut, it will recreate the stock presets. Another way is to choose Settings > App Data Directory > Show…, open the presets folder, and you can locate the stock presets, delete them, and let Shotcut recreate them next time it runs.


Oh I see! How cool!
Thanks a tonne.

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