Error in the text and GPU render

Hello, I found an error in the text.
link to the page:
In the “Are there keyboard shortcuts for editing’ section?” written ‘Shit + V’ instead of 'Shift + V '.

Attempts to render video on the dell 7737 laptop resulted in a maximum of 10-14% of the load on the NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M graphics card, with always a full CPU (i7 4500U). is there still no way to fully utilize the GPU for rendering?
No need to write about NVENC, everything is installed and all options related to NVENC have been tested.
program version 19.01.27, OS wimdows 10 x64

No, and not until you submit some code to improve it. Otherwise, you have to wait for others to do it.

written ‘Shit + V’

Thank you

I was thinking I was using it by checking the “Use hardware encoder” option, which recognizes NVENC H.264 for NVIDIA GTX 750. Or maybe I am confusing render and encode?

EDIT: I’m in Archlinux. Does this have something to do with the ffmeg-nvenc package? Should I install it replacing the standard one?

EDIT2: No way for EDIT1. I saw that the portable version for linux has is own ffmpeg included. For sure it has the NVENC code enabled, so I will flip for this version

Use hardware encoder does typically tax the GPU, but it will be limited by the speed at which it can be fed by CPU in the processing pipeline as well as memory transfer bandwidth.

I understand, thanks for the answer.

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