Encoding on separate machine, or distributed encoding in Linux?

My main workstation is a G3420 running Ubuntu 17.04 64-bit, which isn’t great for encoding/exporting but it’s fine for editing (and it has multiple monitors). I do however have several i5 5th gen laptops around the place which would likely do a faster job of encoding; is there a way I can offload the encoding to a separate machine on the LAN (gigabit) ?

Shotcut\qmelt.exe -progress -verbose TheFireEscape.mlt -consumer avformat:TheFireEscape.x264.mkv acodec=flac vcodec=libx264 preset=slow crf=16
is how to encode via commandline, so you can just ssh into your other machine

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Thank you, that’s exceptionally useful, greatly appreciated.

i figured that one out my self, btw i did make a benchmark out of it