Encoding in Tutorial video relates to what in v17.01.02

Just downloaded Shotcut and I think it will be for what I have been looking. I am now viewing the “Getting Started” video and the version I have does not have “Encode” in any tool bar/icon. I’m pretty sure it relates to something in the latest version, but what is it?
I am viewing very slowly, toggling between the program and the tutorials to learn what is being shown.
Any input will be appreciated.


I think it’s “Export”

Nick, I do believe you’re correct. Now I just have to understand just what he is doing. Thanks

Imagine Clips are the ingredients.
Shotcut is something like an automated robot to whom you explain the way you want him to do with the clips & he writes on a file the recipe ( .mtl file)
When you export, it cooks the final video. export to a video format : .avi . mp4, …