Encode button missing on UI


After successfully installing Shotcut the Encode button doesn’t appear on the UI. The Full Screen button is also missing although I can live without that.

I couldn’t find a keyboard shortcut to enable encoding so does anyone have any suggestions on how to get it to work or how to enable encoding some other way?

System wise, I’m running Windows 8.1 but only install monthly security patches in order to avoid adding Microsoft telemetry spyware and the like. But my laptop includes an Intel i5-4200 CPU at 2.50Ghz and 8GB RAM which I assume will be adequate to run Shotcut.

Have you tried Export?

The Full Screen function shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+F

It looks to me that your laptop should work just fine.


Yeah, I’m getting the hang of it gradually. I was a bit confused because I was following the first tutorial on the site which shows an Encode button along with one for Full Screen on the UI in the video, but they’re both missing on my installation. But I guess the videos belong to older versions.

Thanks for responding anyway.