Embedding metadata into Exports

Certain formats such as MP4 and MP3 (and many others but not all) support embedded metadata attributes such as Artist and Title. See the MultimediaWiki FFmpeg Metadata page for more information about which formats supports which attributes.

In Shotcut, you can embed these attributes into your exports by using the Other tab in the Advanced mode of the Export panel. You can add one of more of the following lines with the value you want on the right side of the = sign:

  • meta.attr.artist.markup=
  • meta.attr.comment.markup=
  • meta.attr.copyright.markup=
  • meta.attr.date.markup=
  • meta.attr.description.markup=
  • meta.attr.genre.markup=
  • meta.attr.title.markup=
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I have tried injecting metadata and works fine for me. That also saves the post-processing with ffmpeg and exiftool tools.

Could that extra information be saved into the MLT project file(s), so it could be easily recovered on a later review of the project? There are different situations that may justify that:

  1. Reloading a project for further edition and/or issue fixing
  2. Being consistent with the metadata structure across all projects of a given task (same copyright, genre, artist, etc)

Such feature will let us manually edit and adjust metadata, but I understand that this is not a major requirement.


Can you give example for this field?
Does my example correct (I take it from media info)?
meta.attr.creation_time.markup="UTC 2021-08-28 12:20:15"
Or day first? Year first or last? Instead of UTC what I can write?

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