Effect - Scrolling the old cassette VHS

Is there a filter in the plans that looks after the application as the VHS tapes on video recorders used to scroll? These inserts look good in the movie, and I did not see that it was available for a while.

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What does that mean?
Or do you mean FF & REW ?

So, especially, rewinding, but also forward, would be a nice effect.

Well you can simulate FF by slicing a section and setting the speed in properties. Video reversal isn’t a feature yet.
There’s a free app for this available which I’ve mentioned a few times.
Here’s one such thread
How to rewind video

Ok, just scrolling through the old VHS tapes still has the effect of such strips, this effect I would like to add.

Shotcut is open source, you’re free to add anything you can :slight_smile:

Is this the effect you’re looking for?


Guess Shotcut isn’t so minimalist after all.

I wanted something more:

What is the name of the effect you showed, is it available in Shotcut?

I would like to add such an effect to the movie, not the program, it is not so easy here :slight_smile:

Did the effect with the Chroma Key filter.
The video clip for the fast forward came from here.

Put it on V2 added the filter to it.
Put the Moto clip on V1. Cut it at the 1 second mark and at the 4 second mark. Sped up the mid section to 4X and that’s it.

I thought it was a built-in effect, I’ve already learned to use the Chroma Key filter, but thank you for explaining and linking it to the effect.

Not very realistic to expect free open source Shotcut to be able to perform tricks found in Adobe Premier Pro (AUD$29 per month = AUD$348 per year!).

Is this one better?:smile:
Think this is pretty decent for free software.


Yes, it is very good :slight_smile:
Did you manage to do it only with the help of Shotcut or did you still use a other program?

Cheated and used @Steve_Ledger’s video reversal for the reverse but the other effects are all using Shotcut.

Would you describe how exactly you did this effect?

Here’s what I did.

Made a 10 second clip (A). Used the Video Time Reversal application http://www.misterxander.fr/info/Time_Reversal/index_en.html to make a reverse copy of it (B).

Put clip A and B on V2 and copied clip A to the end of clip B. Total of 3 clips. A B and C. A is normal, B reverse, C normal.

Applied Old Film:Grain, Wave, and Mute filter to clip B. Then I split Clip B at every second for a total of 10 1 second clips.

Increased the speed of the first 6 clips 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, 3x, 3.5x, and 4x. Then increased the speed of the remaining 4 clips 3x, 2x, 1.5x, and 1x. This is to give the effect of the rewind speeding up and then slowing down.

Got this clip off YouTube for the rewind effect.

Applied a Chroma Key Simple filter to it and put it on V3 above the reverse clip. Slowed it to 0.4x to stretch it out. Added a Gain Filter to fine tune the rewind noise.

Put a Fade out at the end of clip C.

Actually I didn’t need to install the Video Time Reverse application. Kdenlive and Lightworks can reverse videos and clips. Davinci Resolve can do it as well.

I must be the curmudgeon here. The question I have is - WHY?

Why so much effort to create an effect that no one sees anymore and all who have experienced it are glad is gone? Just curious.


First of all, it’s about the “atmosphere” of the movie :slight_smile:

Thanks @sauron

If you’re asking me. It was kind of fun and interesting to create it.

Some people still see it. Take a look at all the VHS digitizing threads.:rofl:

Ha, ha. Yeah, I know. But I have been trying for so many years to get rid of video tape artifacts. So this movie would be called “retro?”

Have fun!