Editing down a screen recording (Ubuntu 16.04)

By following the first video tutorial I have worked out how to mark the start and end of the part of the screen recording I made. I do not wish to change or convert the cropped section to a different codec. Which export option should I choose to just pluck out the exported section in the shortest time? At the moment I have chosen the mp4 format ie the same as the original and a codec but it is taking rather a long time to export.

Codec libx264
Rate control
Quality 70
GOP 150
B frames 3
Codec threads 0

Shotcut always re-encodes. It already going as fast as it can on your computer. If you simply want to trim quickly without re-encoding, then consider using VidCutter.

The Jobs panel, which opens automatically after you start an export, show progress after it has reached at least 1% and then shows estimated time remaining when it reaches 2%.

Thank you for recommending VidCutter to me. I could not see a private mail box for this reply. I know it is off topic but if you could comment I would appreciate your answer.

I have installed vidCutter and because it is not converting the codec it is lightning fast. However I am surprised to note that the reduced file is not a lot small than the original. The original number of frames was 411k with a running time of 3:48 and size 733MiB. The new one is 212k frames with a time of 1:57 size 660MiB. Do you happen to know why? I have looked through the settings. There is nothing obvious that would cause the disproportionately large new file. I have checked the new one and there is nothing duplicated in it. It just shows the cut out part I want but takes up too much space.

Sorry, I do not know VidCutter that well. Another program to try along the same lines is AviDemux by using its “Copy” codec feature.

Thank you