Edited clip reverts to unedited

I am syncing clips to an audio track (spending ages getting the mouth movements to coincide with the audio) and one clip in the middle of the track reverts to its unedited state whenever I play back the entire track. Can anyone suggest why this is happening?

Please be more specific about this. Is this a video or audio clip? What was the modification made to that clip that is being negated? Explain it in a step by step fashion.

Also what version number of Shotcut are you using? What’s your OS?

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It’s video and I cut off a bit of footage at the front end to make it fit. When I playback that clip (and that clip alone) it restores the bit that I cut off.

I am using version 20.09.13 on a Mac with High Sierra

That sounds like your file is not seeking well, and you need to Properties > Convert it. Not every file can support frame accurate seeking even of the same format.

Thanks for that - it has cured the problem.

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