Edit long video clip without scrolling mouse or moving the scrollbar

hi shotcut members,
am having problem when editing long video clip,

since we edit from left to right, i either

A) mouse scroll down to move the timeline marker to the left side and continue editing

B) drag the horizontal scrollbar to right so that timeline marker on the left and continue editing

is there a magic keypress or shortcut that once pressed, allow the editing timeline and its marker shifted to left, so that i can continue editing? as if i did the method A or B mentioned above.

btw, i am new with video editing, just try this software few days ago,

i tried Ctrl + Shift + P to set the timeline marker always on the center, but i hardly control the force and speed moving forward and backward

can i set the forward or backward speed to constant instead of depending how far away i moving my mouse to the right or left?

Home / End will move the marker to start/end of project
Alt Left/Right to step between clips


with due respect,
you obviously replied into a wrong thread


I’m afraid not.

No, but i might have misunderstood your question :grinning:

Using the keyboard shortcuts for moving around the timeline will optimize you workflow alot, much faster than using the mouse

ok TimLau, let say in the situation below,

you got a long video that need to (S) split at playhead, and that video just too long and illogical to zoom timeline to fit (0)

so you drag the playhead, come to certain location, you press (S), now your playhead already at the right side, you need to move the video timeline to the left to go through the rest of the video and continue (S)

as i mentioned above, you can scroll mouse down or drag the horizontal bar to position the playhead to the left, both method are troublesome,

without Ctrl + Shift + P, i can drag the playhead to the right but i hardly control the speed with my mouse movement

maybe they code something under QMouseEvent to detect how far a mouse move and speed up the timeline accordingly, this should be possible,

I am having an extremely difficult time trying to understand the request. I’ll offer an idea and see if I’m in the ballpark.

In the case of the long video clip described above, what if a marker was dropped (the m shortcut key) at the current editing point. Then do whatever at the end to do the split that you were describing. Then the < shortcut key could quickly return the timeline to the last marker, which would allow editing to continue where it left off.

Could a bread crumb trail of markers achieve the timeline jumps you want?

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so in the uploaded video,

  1. i drag the playhead through timeline for fast view, reach my target, (S)

  2. then my playhead reach the edge of right

  3. i drag the horizontal scrollbar to right so that my playhead could position on the edge of left

  4. then i continue drag my playhead and do the (S)

i appreciated your " m " and " Alt + < " certainly a nice trick, because not everybody fond of using the “Shift + i” thing,

as shown in my uploaded video,

  1. drag the playhead, reach my target (S)
  2. then go for another split position then (S)
  3. then you having different idea, you want to cut off previous part, you do (X)
  4. but your playhead doesn’t go to the previous split point

in this example, we utilize " m " and " Alt + < "

  1. drag the playhead, reach my target (S), (M) as well
  2. then go for another split position then (S)
  3. then you having different idea, you want to cut off previous part, you do (X)
  4. but your playhead doesn’t go to the previous split point
  5. but you can " Alt + < " to go back previous split position

when you drag the playhead to the edge of right to cause the timeline moves to the left, the playhead just stutter left and right, as shown inside video

the speed imo is quite constant if you just drag the playhead to the edge of right and still it, but if you somehow want to move faster by moving the mouse right a bit (up or down), then you will experience burst of uncontrollable speed,

btw, am using windows, does the playhead stutter like this in other OS?

i just realized, we don’t have to use " m " in this case, just " alt + < " is enough to move us to the last split position.

Shift - i is the easiest way to trim out the start of the current clip.

Alt - Left, X is another option.

I think that “skimming” using Shift - Alt while dragging the mouse on the timeline is easier to control, than dragging the playhead

thanks TimLau,

" Shift + Alt " + mouse up/down, nice trick to have,

i tried it with centering playhead, still finding the best way to S through a long clip

another method i tried, play it and add speed using " L ", but once you spacebar, it starts with x1 again and you need to " L " again,

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