Easier Workflow Solution

Allow for multiple clips (Audio and Video) to be selected and grouped to allow them to be trimmed and moved together.


This is a great suggestion!

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Thanks! This would really speed things up, especially when editing a video with many clips.

+1 :+1: great suggestion indeed

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:slight_smile: thanks pal!

This is something we’ve considered for a long time actually but multi-clip selection/manipulation is tricky because it opens many new windows for bugs to appear (ex: what should the program do when moving selected clips on multiple tracks to a location where some clips will still exist but others won’t?) However the support for this suggestion is very clear and I think more thought will be put into it…

edit: Because of those mentioned bug possibilities this would be a substantial feature though that would take a while to develop, similar to keyframing. Keyframing is suggested very often and is featured first on the roadmap. As far as I can see this feature isn’t on it, even though it’s been discussed before. Realistically there is no guarantee that this feature would be added soon, but it’s more likely to be considered now than before.

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I understand it will take a while to develop full clips grouping and manipulation.

How about simple “Split at Playhead All Video Tracks” (Ctrl + S) ?

I assume that should be “5 min job”. :smiley:
Function for splitting already exists just need to be called for in a loop for each video track…
p.s. So instead of taking a “while” why not use “for” loop? :wink:

I don’t see this would inflict any bugs or errors as its just pure semi-automation… which could speed up work process significantly, especially with many tracks.

Someone already has asked for it on forum, but no replies so I assume it not on a roadmap. Is it? Thanks

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I think that’s a really good idea, and as far as I know Shotcut does not include that feature. That post must have slipped under the radar unfortunately :frowning: And no it’s not on the roadmap either. Thank you for the reminder, but I can’t make any judgement on it for the future. :sweat_smile:

I can understand the issue with “undefined behaviour” for more complex situations, but definitely being able to just cut-all, or cut-all-not-locked at the playhead would be immensely useful.