Duplicating a file, with 1 filter applied

The clips for my project were taken with a motorcycle helmet cam - 1080 @ 30 fps, MP4. The camera was tilted off vertical by about 4-5 degrees - oops. After applying a rotation and zoom (4.5 deg and 113.5%), the previously smooth playback is a bit on the jerky side. Assuming it’s my graphics card or CPU being unable to cope, I had the clever idea to rotate the clip and then export it, to be re-edited as needed, but without having to worry about the jerkiness. The question is: what’s the best way to export the filtered clip?

Related to that, I have to go to Resolve to do titling (sorry, Shotcut is IMHO a bit thin in this area). Again, what settings net a clean output (full res., without pixelation or other artifacts added) to be handed off to another app?

Hi, when we start adding filters it becomes more complicated for the CPU(s) to deal with all the processing needed. One suggestion is to apply the filter only when you are done with the editing and ready to export.

The other option is what you did, export the file and continue editing after. You should use an export preset like the lossless/HuffYUV so you won’t loose video quality.

I didn’t understood want you mean by “to go to Resolve”. Did you mean Rotate?

That’s pretty much what I expected; filters add to the processing load. The original video is, effectively, tilted off to one side. What I want to do is rotate the image (makes a difference in visual composition - at least for me) and then bring the processed video back in for the rest of the editing process.

Resolve refers to Blackmagic Resolve (mostly for titles).