Dragging head behind syncs with video but not audio [Solved]

The Steps to re-produce:

  1. Created a new project
  2. Added an aac file to the play list (recorded with OnePlus5)
  3. Dragged this aac file to the timeline (Which created A1)
  4. Play SpaceBar (or the play button) so audio starts playing
    The problem:
  5. While the audio is playing pause it and move the head to older time and resume play

What should happen?:
Audio should play again from the position where the Head is

What is happening?:
Audio plays in continuation as if it has no correlation with where the head in the timeline is. I kept dragging the head more and more behind but the audio continues to play.

Why is it bothering me?
This is making it too hard for me to align the video and aac together. I removed the video and just did the steps above to ensure that it is not a video and aac framerate thing. But even with steps above which just involve an aac, the head and audio playback are not in sync.

What version of Shotcut are you using?

If Video Mode was left in “Automatic” it’s set at 1920x1080 25fps if the audio clip was opened first.
The source video may have a different resolution/frame rate, possibly even a variable frame rate.

When Shotcut first loads, you are presented with this screen each time. From here you can set the video mode you wish to have.

I’m using Shotcut 19.08.16 on a new Mac Book Pro Mojave 10.14.6

Does your aac file happen to have cover art attached to the file at all?

Another thing I find strange is this:

This sounds as if you’re saying Shotcut automatically created an audio track. When I drag audio files to the timeline if there is nothing else then Shotcut automatically creates a video track (V1) not an audio track (A1).

You need to convert the file if it does not seek properly.

counting-oneplus.aac.zip (86.1 KB)

Interestingly, I recorded counting 1-7 using quick time player and it works. Then I did the same using OnePlus5 and it has the issue. I’ve attached the aac file from phone (less than 100kb)

Just create a new project > add this aac to play list > create a new audio track > drag this aac from playlist to the track > play > drag the head behind - instead of counting starting where the head is, counting in number will keep playing

This file is not seeking because it is raw aac and not in mov or MP4 container. Not everything works directly in Shotcut even though it tries. When it does not you need to convert (remux or transcode).

aah! I see. thanks for sharing. Is there some inbuilt feature to change this or if it’s a common task, could you please recommend a converter? thanks

Properties > menu > Convert to Edit-friendly…

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