Dragging an image onto the timeline makes it extremely small

When I add an image to the video timeline (drag and drop from the Playlist) the image is like 0.01 second wide. See below:

The image is there on the timeline you just can’t see it because it so small:

So you have to really ‘find’ the extend handle/cursor and then you can extend the image:

As you can see here 1.59 seconds were added when extended so it’s really small when drag and dropped.

As you can imagine it would be a lot better if the image had the standard width of a bunch of seconds when dropped like it use to, I don’t know when or why this started happening but it’s really annoying.

Using Windows 10, Shotcut version 22.06.23.

I know there are newer versions but I remember I ran into some issues some time ago using the newer version. So I just stuck with the older one. Can’t remember what the issues were though but I could’ve been something with using older projects in a newer Shotcut version (compatibility issues).


Ok so when I double click the image in the Playlist, and go to the Properties tab below it, there I can set the duration, set it to say 2 seconds, and then hit the button ‘Set default’. That fixes it for one image, but how to set it as a default for all, or better yet, for all new images including in new projects?

Vous avez trouvé tout seul, à partir de maintenant toutes vos images feront 2 secondes, y compris dans les nouveaux projets.

You figured it out by yourself, from now on all your images will be 2 seconds, including in new projects.

Like I said, it fixes it only for one image in the Playlist. I even downloaded a new version of Shotcut and the problem persists even there. If I have 20 images that I want to add, I’d have to set its time default for each image, with every new project.

Supprimez les 19 autres images de la playlist et rechargez les

Delete the other 19 images from the playlist and reload them

Ah yes thanks that works. It seemed like a temporary solution though, but it appears new projects now also use the ‘last used’ image duration. Thanks again.

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