Drag to change video speed

Having to guestimate how much I need to change the speed to match two waveforms together is agony.

It would be so much better if we could just drag to change video speed instead of changing a value manually.

Agreed. I have become an arithmetic god to properly figure out how to adjust the speed of a clip, but it speed up production if I could just drag the edge of the clip.

Currently dragging the edge of a clip will truncate or extend a clip, so maybe a hotkey would be needed for the additional function.

Would the Time Remap filter do this? Basically, move the playhead to the end of the target clip, then create a Time Remap keyframe at the playhead on the clip being squeezed or expanded.

This is a duplicate suggestion. See here:

This is a good idea and we will probably implement it some day.

Keyframing the time remap filter might be easier than the “guess and check” method. But still not as good as the click and drag suggestion.

Also, since you mentioned waveform matching, have you seen the Align to Reference Track tool? It can automatically adjust the speed of a clip to match another clip with similar audio.